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6aA proud sponsor of OWW team


6aA Underwater Hockey Gear is proud to sponsor the Once Were Warriors 2014 UWH team.

Last 20-21 of September in Breda – Netherlands, was held the 25th edition of one of the main Underwater Hockey tournaments in Europe, the Argonauta Tournament.

As usual in this tournament, the level was very high with very intense and fast games, where the main teams around Europe show their best hockey.

The finalists teams were Once Were Warriors and the standing European champion, Fontenay from Paris. In a tight game the score at the end of the 2nd half was 1-1, forcing to a dramatic 4vs4 sudden death without subbings, where the warriors reached the victory.

The history of Once Were Warriors team is long, succesful, and full of victories through the years, having on their lines some of the most significant names of the UWH world.

OWW 2014 was made by young but experienced players, who showed their habilities, fitness and hunger for victory. Team members were:

Baptiste Marchal – Left forward

Joris de Vroom – Left forward

Dorian Lunderstdt – Right forward

Saul Quintero – Right forward

Amar Sarmiento – Center

Jeremy Plaquin – Left back

Sergio Ochoa – Left back

Alvaro de Egaña – Right back

Valerian Mathonet – Right back

Scott Allen – Fullback


Have you ever been member of Once Were Warriors? Please send us a message with your name and years you have played, it will be very apreciated!!


6aA Team

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