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What Pro Players say about us?

Liam Watson“Bony2 is a very good product. It is the most professionally finished mass-production glove i have seen made for uwh. the padding coverage is very good and leaves very few weak points or spots which could lead to injury… the fingers and knuckles have solid coverage, top of the hand has some protection and the thumb, base of thumb and back of thumb are covered. some gloves available leave holes in these areas, some of which can often get knocks. Bony2’s are also the most consistently produced from those commercially available, with very little differences between individual gloves. the silicone material is slick on tiles, faster than latex gloves.

6aA’s sticks are a consistent product, with all the important things for a good stick to have like crisp consistent bevels and very good consistency of design from stick to stick. The shape of the playing edge, passing edge and hook are good to suit most players, a good design.”

Liam Watson

Two times world champion and 3 silver medals as a player with the New Zealand Elite team.Remarkable achievements as a coach in his country and worldwide making all kind of great technical and tactical contributions to the sport.
Reviews-TaniaMcLeish“I have been using my Bony for over 3 years now. I love it because it is super soft and flexible whilst still delivering on protection. It is a great thickness to allow you to use every angle of your stick without a thick glove getting in the way. It also comes in a size small enough for my hand!

I guess I am old school and use the wood sticks, but 6aA’s sticks are a great all round stick and work well for me as I never know which position I will be playing next. Good flick, consistent hit on the puck and great hook.”

Tania McLeish

Three times world champion, 1 silver and 1 bronce with Australian national team.This aussie legend has been one of the most successful and versatile players around the world, winning all kind of tournaments playing any position she is needed.
Christophe Ochin“Depuis que j’utilise les Bony Gloves je n’ai plus eu de douleurs aux phalanges malgré les nombreux chocs que j’ai pu recevoir! Les Bony Gloves 2 sont encore plus confortables et résistants avec leur renforcement à l’intérieur.

J’utilise le gant à chacun de mes entraînement et toutes les compétitions où je participe. Avec cette utilisation intensive le Bony Glove tient une bonne année. Mais il peut vous protéger la main quelques années si vous mettez une touche de silicone sur les premiers signes de fatigues.

Pour que jouer au hockey subaquatique reste un pur plaisir portez un Bony Glove!”

Christophe Ochin

World champion with French Elite squad and European clubs champion with Barcelona team, the same year and same pool (Eger, Hungary 2013). His uwh career has taken off like a rocket in last years, being one of the most consistent and versatile players right now. Any position, any tactics, no problem.
Ters Joubert“My opinion is that the Bony2 is the best glove on the market at the moment! What makes it better than competitors is the added protection especially on the inside of the hand as well. You need a good glove if you want to play lots of Hockey and my career has several times almost been stopped due to injuries from Gloves without proper protection. They also look good…”

Ters Joubert

Silver and Bronce medals at several world’s championships with South African Elite team, and countless victories in French, English, Dutch and South African leagues, Southern Hemispheres, and European circuit… We could say that almost every elite player has been beaten by this solid back at least once in lifetime.
Robert Tinkler

“I have been playing with the Bony2 glove for the last months. After two weeks of playing and training with it, it felt like it was made on my hand. Super comfortable, doesn’t slow you down and great protection in all the right areas. In my opinion this is the best glove on the market right now for a great price. I highly recommend it.”

Robert Tinkler

Gold and silver medalist at World’s with New Zealand Elite team. This guy is one of smartest and consistent centers right now.
Juanjo Riva

“Hasta el momento es el mejor guante en el mercado, relación precio – calidad – diseño – protección.

Desde que uso Bony2 no he tenido ninguna lesión en mi mano, ya que estos cuentan con las protecciones en los puntos idóneos.

La flexibilidad de estos permite un agarre perfecto al stick, sin afectar la agilidad o movimientos de la mano, tiros, etc. Tengo la certeza que son hechos uno a uno a mano, y eso garantiza el cuidado y el detalle en su elaboración.”

Juanjo Riva

Bronce medalist at World’s championship in 2011 with Colombian Elite team and many achievements in the european circuit with Barcelona team and tough underwater hockey leagues like french, dutch and spanish. One of the most explosive and powerful backs we have seen.
Jesse Hocking“Professionally made and aesthetically awesome: A very well balanced glove with extreme comfort and flexibility for all kinds of stick skills. Superior protection in all key impact areas and yet minimal resistance when swimming on the surface and underwater. I’ve put the Bony2 to the test over the past 6 months in many high level competitions with fast and grippy pool surfaces and there are no signs at all of the glove breaking down. The unique layering of materials in the manufacturing process provides great endurance from chlorine and wear and tear from any pucks or opposition sticks. Highly recommended as a great investment for any beginners to elite players.”

Jesse Hocking

Silver medalist at 2013 World’s championship with New Zealand Elite team. His devastating “dummy” and incredible fast turns have cracked the dorsal spines of lots of backs around the globe. Extense experience in uwh gear development.
Jake Hocking“The Bony2 is by far my favourite commercially available glove for underwater hockey. In the past, if I have wanted to buy a glove ‘off the shelf’ then I would have to either wear something non-flexible (and have my grip strength compromised) or wear something thinner that rots quickly and needs replacement. The Bony2 has been serving me well for 6 months to date and has just the right amount of protection for me without being too bulky for skills. It still isn’t showing any signs of breaking down (no holes or tears etc). You know your gear is perfect when you don’t have to think about it during a game and affords a feeling of freedom underwater. Happy to recommend this glove to anyone!”

Jake Hocking

Silver medalist at World’s Championship 2013 with New Zealand Elite squad and one of the most technical and elusive players you can see these days. Extense experience in uwh gear development.

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