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BG+ Not just another uwh glove

BonyGlove Plus

BonyGlove Plus is the result of years of experience and countless designs of uwh gloves.

Every padding shape is strategically positioned to cover every spot of your hand that might be exposed during a game, with different thicknesses designed to make you feel as comfortable as possible but also giving you maximum protection. That is the hardest thing to find in a glove.

We listened to your feedback about the first BonyGlove and Bony2, and have taken the best from both and added few extras as well.  BG+ is soft, light and easy to move in, just like Bony1, and it has plenty of protection to keep your hand safe in those big contests and battles on the wall, just like Bony2.

We have moved to a new production process that ensures each Bony+ is very accurate in its design, using high quality materials to maximize performance.

It also has a shade of colour that will keep you out of trouble with picky referees. We’re staying with a classic Bony blue to make sure our glove is compliant for international tournaments, but we may bring out some special edition colours in the future as well.

6aA Underwater Gear is offering you a unique professional item at a very accessible price, so stop using that ugly destroyed glove and get Bony+!

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Did You Fall in Love?

BonyGlove Plus is our lastest work and we are very happy to show it to the world.

Protection and comfort are possible! That is what you will get with this uwh professional glove with the high quality that characterizes our brand.

Worthy successor of the first version of BonyGlove, this unique item has everything that any underwater hockey player could need at any level, now with improved design.

Available in 4 sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Left handed versions will be released in the following months (sorry!)

now available… Enjoy it

Enjoy it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of cares should I have with my BG+?

  • Always take your glove out of your hockey bag and let it dry
  • Do not expose the glove to sunlight for long periods of time
  • DO NOT PULL HANGING SILICONE! Cut it and repair
  • Be careful when wearing or removing the glove from your hand, pulling too hard can slowly damage the shape in the wrist. It’s easier to do it inside the water

What can I do if my BG+ has a small cut or shows signs of deterioration?

Repair your glove at the first sign of damage. Depending on the type of floor where you play, how often you train and how sharp some goals are, sooner or later will be inevitably to get damages on your glove and depending your way of playing, it will show more fatigue in some spots than others. For most of the cases, it could work just putting some translucent acidic silicone on the affected spot and smooth it with a slightly soapy finger, and let it cure overnight. Before repairing the glove must be completely dry and clean.

How to know which size to choose?

Like any item of clothing, is impossible to be 100% accurate without wear the glove before, so maybe the best will be to try Bonys from your teammates in case you have access to them, otherwise we give you some guidelines:
Size S: It is the most common size for women, or men with small hands
Size M: It is the standard size for men, or women with big hands
Size L: Men with more robust hands
Size XL: Men with very big hands

Should I cut the palm of the glove?

Many players like to have the feeling of the stick directly on the hand so they cut off the palm of their gloves. In our long experience we can say that this will substantially reduce the life expectancy of the glove and once you get used to your BG+ there is no need to cut it to play with maximum comfort.

Can you customize my glove or can I pick another color?

The answer is no. Occasionally we do small series of promotional gloves, but due to great discussions about the regulations in the color of the glove at the last World Championships, we have chosen to make BonyGolve Plus in a approved color by the international referees community, this way we can provide a 100% reglamentary glove for any competition.

I really liked the old Bony, why did you change it?

We also love our first versions of Bony Glove, but like all things in life, BG+ has evolved to offer improvements in almost every aspect, made of better materials, with optimized processes and positive changes in the design of the paddings without losing the essence of its predecessors. We hope to be always in continuous evolution.

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