Koala Sticks (pair)


This little Koala is the first stick design that 6aA team make thinking in the Australian uwh player needs, but of course it applies to all kind of players who enjoy this style of stick .
It was made following requirements of great Aussie players and their feedback so far is great.
For the standards in Australia, it is relatively small but for the Europeans could be considered as a long stick (Yes, in Australia sticks are big!).
With a length of 275mm, weight of 160g and a MASSIVE hook that holds almost the 25% of the puck, Koalas are great for players who really love stealing pucks even if they lose some back flick, and with a 9 degree bevel you’ll get mid-height long solid flicks.
Made of 100% high quality polyurethane plastic, maybe not as light as the common pine wood but it really worths a try!

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